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You might be “born yet again” honey, but your brains in no way designed it out of the birth canal on either trip. I do think you ought to be on the stringent diet program of rooster broth and gruel. Dave — Sunday Editor NYC.

twelve:37 am on August 24, 2014 Mrs. U — Have you ever ever viewed The Wizard of Oz? I'm the wizard. That is definitely how I see myself. Also, in a good much less sensible perception, I see myself being an angel of reality and mercy. Angels, even merciful types, were not constantly form or Light. My blog promises to expose stupidity and dumbness and I have to be diligent in that quest. Most bloggers never even trouble to respond to comments — nicely or angrily or in any other case — but I do for the reason that I merely refuse to deal with a difficulty and after that walk absent; leaving anonymous men and women preventing or discouraged in my wake.

What you are going to browse is currently a hollow fluff piece — retooled by me so as to punish the comedian for staying a jerk. Thank you.

I just enjoy Glady's she is so Amusing!!! I think if provides much to Ellen's present. And I agree with Gladys that Ellen is Probably the most generous person, I've ever noticed!!! What a Blessing she's to so Lots of individuals.

Old Gladys — all 88 a long time of her — is/was an imaginary character conjured up via the brilliantly funny comic SCOTT HARDY — one of many funniest comics in all of Texas — Or possibly even the United states of america.

With the 2nd get in touch with, I could explain to anything wasn’t suitable. There was no spontaneity. The jokes ended up naturally check here scripted and intended for a chuckle. And her voice modified…there were quite a few details the place one particular could inform it was anyone Placing on an “old Girl voice”.

Holly is too Silly to recognize that by building the story dull and improperly penned and repetitive that I've boosted my own figures when reducing the interest Consider Scott Hardy. NOBODY At any time WINS BUT ME!

Even though it’s a joke, it’s nonetheless entertainment. I’m sorry if you believe all the things on Television had to be true. It’s good clean up amusement.

9:11 pm on August 27, 2014 Being truthful, all the feedback part confused me…and who is this intended ‘Damien’ Other than ellen on the phone with gladys a narcissistic jerk? Whether you are true or not, or Gladys Hardy is serious or not, doesn’t specifically subject. The one thing I obtained outside of this short article as well as the comments was that Damien is impolite (possibly The entire point of this Web-site), Gladys Hardy is funny, despite the legitimacy of her/his existence and many people are intolerant, particularly Damien.

7:40 am on August 23, 2014 I transformed it for making a idiot from him. Do you honestly believe that I'd do that to placate him? I did it to create the story as ordinary and uninteresting and smarmy as he appears to want to be. By carrying out what I did, I punished him. Naturally you’re an excessive amount of a dumb skank to realize what I did — that’s your lot in everyday life, Holly.

I’ll bet the earth can be even just a bit brighter with an individual with your opportunity over the facet of excellent.

I love the call. Laughed and laughed! She is a card! I wished she would agree to here come around the demonstrate. Possibly guarantee her a lady bug of some kind! Include your reply

Professor Marvel (aka the Wizard) was even now just a ineffective tiny man guiding the curtain. He couldnt even find out how to land immediately after he went up while in the balloon.

That girl was hysterically humorous. She sounds like a re-icarnation of Maude, comic Jonathan Winters famously amusing character. What an incredible wit she has. I just want to be upright After i'm 88. LOL Incorporate your reply

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